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Happy Girl!

Very hungover ... Not good.

I wasn't going to go out last night. I just wasn't in the mood. I'm so glad I did.

One good thing I remember was "I think I have to get you drunk more often, cos you are cool when you are drunk" It was just so cute! I love being drunk because I can say what I want, and be myself and it doesn't hurt.

I was happy cos I could admit that I was being a bitch, and I apologized. It's true. I was being a bitch.

I've been in my pyjamas all day, and now I just feel lazy. I've spoken to everyone, and I'm in a grand old mood!

I'm happy because I have lots of choices of what to do tonight, go cruising with friends or party with other friends and potential hottie (who I promised I would be happy, smiley, friendly girl with and let him make the first move if he wanted to do anything).

I'm happy because I'm me, and everyone loves it!

I <3 <3 Tim Freedman and The Whitlams. Their music is a girl's best friend...
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