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My weekend

"Come, come, come into my world
Won't you lift me up, up, high upon your love"

I love this song. It's been on repeat pretty much all day, except for now, because I've put Avril Lavigne back on. She rocks too.

I had a decent weekend, or at least what part of it I haven't already described on here. Last night, Mel and I went to Gill's (pornoangel) 21st. We mainly went to see old friends, ended up turning into a bitching session. Ended up being bored out of our brains after a while, so went to another friend's house, actually the guy we are moving in with, as his parents were out of town, just sat around and talked for the rest of the night, until I had to take Mel home. I ended up going back to our friend's house by myself, to have a few more drinks and hang out with the group that had congregated there. They were all drunk, and their idea of fun was to start a big fire and throw spray paint cans in there to make it go BOOM! I kinda got bored of that quickly and ended up in my friends room, talking to him about all types of things. Turns out he knows my ex-fionce, through Laser Zone of all things, which was pretty freaky. The group left around 4am, which left us two, another couple and a single guy. The 3 others slept in another bed, whilst we continued to talk. I looked up after what seemed like maybe an hour of talking to find it was 6:40 am, and the sun was shining bright outside. I love nights like those, where you can talk and have fun and the time just flies. I remember nights like that with markbucci and I can't remember the last time I felt so comfortable talking to someone about things that have happened to me.

I need sleep! I didn't end up going to bed because I know I wouldn't have slept at all tonight, and I need to get my sleep patterns back into a normal habit, after all this time off work. I'm glad things are getting back to normal, and my flu is starting to go away finally.
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